Happy Easter

Eek its been a while! I always thought that once my daughter would grow a little older, I would have more time to get creative and sew more. Eventhough she loves it when I sew, it just isn’t easy when you have a toddler on your lap trying to sew with you!

Not only that, I also got pregnant again! Yes! Here is a picture of me being 38 weeks pregnant. And a picture of our little man R only a few hours old.

Pregnant 38 weeks Baby R

My kiddos don’t go to Kindergarten yet, so I have them around me 24/7! Which is a great joy but sometimes it can be exhausting. So after a day with those 2, I usually feel the need to a. go to bed early or b. become a tv zombie and sink into the couch to never move again. Yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

It just means that I don’t really have the time or energy to sit behind my sewing machine at night. I do try to do as many crafting projects with my daughter as I can. She really enjoys creating things. So with Easter coming up we made bunny masks. I actually found a lovely mask thanks to Pinterest.

Bunny C

Make one with the little ones! What you need is.. glue, thick paper, printer, elastic band, pencils and a scissor. Here’s the link to get your mask started. Create and enjoy! C wore her mask for days!!!

Happy Easter everyone!

Sewing stuffed animals book review

I came across this book when I was visiting my parents in Holland. It was called “30 Knuffels om zelf te naaien” which means, 30 stuffed animals to sew. I went through it and wanted to buy it, but the patterns were so simple that I kinda refused to spend money on it.

Not long after I actually got the book from my mom. Since I am lacking time (I am in need of sewing small projects) and also lacking the inspiration, I figured I would just try one of the animals from the book. The basics are simple… make a rectangle, sew some arms and legs to it and make a cute face… and last give it a little scarf.

I had chosen the sheep, which turned out more like a mouse than a sheep but my daughter likes to call it Schäfchen (little sheep). I worked with terrycloth, cotton and felt.

Anyone who needs inspiration, I would recommend this book. Its super easy which makes it suitable for beginners. It’s a nice little project and makes a fun gift.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Themed birthday party

Pinning on Pinterest is very addicting but also very inspiring. I have never seen such beautiful themed birthday parties before until I used Pinterest. Here you can find some examples of great birthday party themes that I found. I searched on Etsy to find that they actually sold complete birthday party printable sets and some of them are absolutely beautiful.

Nevertheless I wanted to create a party that involved my daughters favorite tv character, Kikaninchen. I used the Pinned items and the Etsy finds as a bit of a guideline. I ended up not doing as much as I wanted to, but that was only because our guests were reduced by a little more than half! Out of 7 kids came only 3, due to the holiday season.

The colors for the party were yellow and blue. I ordered balloons in those colors, I made a banner, build a fortress, made cupcake wrappers, table cards, customized wrapper and baked a whole lot of cakes and pies.

Link to Martha Stewart for your banner
Link to Cupcake Wrapper template


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Wanna be domestic queen

My daughter loves to clean with me for about 10min. After it she gets bored and wants me to stop cleaning, hangs on my legs and complains. I never really get to do a full cleaning of my house and I always randomly clean whatever room I feel like doing. I needed help and I needed order.

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